Friday, July 27, 2007


KEATS RIDES A HARLEY (various) a review of the CD.
geez, I barely remember this one. (looking for a picture or something to add, now)
But there it was at STRAND, for $1.95
I did a quick check to make sure it wasn't poetry (yuck..) or spoken word (yuk!),
and away we go.  Quite reminiscent of Red Spot, or Chunks, if those Compilations are familiar.    And apparently Keats was the guy's goldfish.
Great, old tracks by LEAVING TRAINS,  MEAT PUPPETS, the Urinals, TOXIC SHOCK,
and... (yes, its a west coast comp.).
Actually, it says here, it's all from the nascent Redondo Beach 'scene' of, like 1980, 1981.
Many of the recordings were done in like parking garages and places like that.
Great, uneven sound quality, and No Spoken Word. !

six stars and worth it all.
Later, I may write a proper review....

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